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Functional Wellness Coaching
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Why Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a term you may have recently heard. It is the study of the root causes behind one's "dis-ease" or health issues. It looks at the connections between all the systems of the body. FM looks at food intake, physical environment, supplements or medications, detox pathways, etc. It is an attempt to unwind what may be going on with your health v.s. offering a pill for the relief of symptoms! It is educational for the client as well as EMPOWERING. Giving you ownership of your health! As an Applied Functional Medicine Health Coach, I am a guide through this process. A cheerleader, an educator, here to enlighten you on a path to a more vibrant and healthy life!

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Not sure exactly what you need?

Happy and Healthy Begins Here

Initial Health Review


An assessment of your current health along with a look at current lifestyle & nutrition habits which may be affecting your health.

Complete Health Assessment


A comprehensive intake and assessment of your current health along with lifestyle, nutrition suggestions and lab work review. Looking upstream at the ROOT causes of any "dis-ease." Leave with a bullet list of initial suggestions.

Sessions purchased by the Hour


After a Health review, if a coaching package is not desired, you may purchase coaching hours. The time may be split up into 30, 45 or 60 min sessions.

3 Months of Personal Coaching


After an Initial Health Consult, (included in price) join me for 3-4 months of one-on-one coaching to help you move towards a more healthy and happy life! This includes meeting weekly for the first month, and then every 2 weeks thereafter. You will receive support with recipes, shopping lists, stress management tips, mind/body exercises and more! Coaching may be extended into a 4th month.



Dear Annie,

I want to tell you how much your services have meant to me.  

The careful history inventory helped me see the starting point of my health recovery.  The daily inventory and small manageable steps helped me see it was possible.  Change takes time.  By following my progress and set backs I was able to slowly meet my goals.  Thank-you for the encouragement and patience that you always gave.  Your knowledge and consultation throughout was invaluable.

I hope others take advantage of your services, as there is nothing more precious than our health!

Fondly, Janet M. 

Your healthy & happy life begins here

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